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Jaguar Rescue Center

A unique experience to interact with wild animals from Costa Rica, supporting a good cause.


The Jaguar Rescue Center, located in Puerto Viejo, Limón (Costa Rica), is a non-profit Organization, that works on rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, and its future release to the wild, always in protected areas.


You can come and visit us, from Monday to Saturday at 09:30 am and 11:30 am, when guided tours are offered.


For private tours, contact us at

Our facilities

La Ceiba, natural reserve.

La Ceiba is 45 hectares of primary forest where the Jaguar Rescue Center releases the most endangered species. Animals that come from the Center, when they are ready to come to the wild.

You all are welcome too for a visit !


Day and night tours.

"A chance to take day and night tours, and see marvelous animals you never saw before".


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